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Game development
2D and 3D design
sketches, 2D art, 3D models, icons, interface design
Creating games
mobile game development
hidden objects, turn-based games, farms, city builders etc.
native applications for Android and iOS, enterprise beans
social network games
HTML 5, Flash, Unity3D

Game development

  • Full cycle of game development.

  • Development of the game using your design-document.

  • Creation of advertising games.


Our advantages

  • We developed a modern server for MMOs, built on a microservice architecture. Game mechanics "untied" from the environment, which allows you to realize almost any game. The availability of the server significantly shortens the development time..

  • We attend great importance to the architecture of the software, which allows us to use our experience in different projects and shorten the development time.

  • A number of casual game mechanics have been developed that are well suited for gamification.



  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web (social networks).

  • Client: Unity3D.

  • Server: Java, REST/HTTPS, CassandraDB, AWS/other cloud services/dedicated server.


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