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Страница образовательного игрового проекта "Аллотроп"
2D and 3D design
sketches, 2D art, 3D models, icons, interface design
Creating games
mobile game development
hidden objects, turn-based games, farms, city builders etc.
native applications for Android and iOS, enterprise beans
social network games
HTML 5, Flash, Unity3D
Educational game

Educational game "Allotrope"

Genre: Adventure


An educational computer game, build on real exercises taken from school course in physics, chemistry, biology and basic nanotechnology, deeply integrated into the gameplay, based on game design rules.



The project has been developed on request of the company AHO "eNano" (subdepartment of Роснано).


An interesting plot and puzzles, real exercises from natural sciences area, robot fights and exploring secret areas are interlaced in the game. While recreating the story and making amazing discoveries the player has to use their intelligence to save captured scientists. Science has never been so fascinating before.





  • Different exercises in physics, chemistry, biology and so on.

  • A special system to create items and robot helpers

  • Asynchronous robot fights with the possibility to edit the behaviour of the robot

  • Interesting quests and valuable rewards




  • Client: Unity3D

  • Platform: WebGL

  • Server: platform PlayCloud


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