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Модуль навигации на объекте охраны
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Navigation module on the security object

Navigation module on the security object

Genre: Security and safety


Navigation module on a guarded object.


Provides navigation through a 3D-model of the guarded object, shows sensor and camera placements and indication of their state. Using an editor, one can change camera and scanner stations.


  • Works with all facility configurations

  • Supports loading 3D-models more than in 20 different formats

  • Shows system state of scanners and cameras

  • Gives fast access to every scanner and camera

  • Uses context menu for sending commands to scanners and cameras

  • Allows to look through the building floor by floor

  • Shows possible dangers

  • A 3D-model object can be freely moved

  • Navigation is possible through keybord, mouse or touchpad, together or separately

  • One can change between given camera points

  • There is an editor for changing sensor and camera placements and creating new objects

  • It is possible to load data from scanners and cameras straight out of the system or indirectly usind a file




  • Client: Unity3D

  • Pairing with the customer system: scanning of sensors, camera managing, getting alarming eventsс


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