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Application support
2D and 3D design
sketches, 2D art, 3D models, icons, interface design
Creating games
mobile game development
hidden objects, turn-based games, farms, city builders etc.
native applications for Android and iOS, enterprise beans
social network games
HTML 5, Flash, Unity3D

Are the developers gone?


It happens that the contractor suddenly stops further development of the application, delays releases or fails to cope with the tasks. This is an extremely unpleasant moment for the business owner. We will help to solve this problem.


Our services

  • The analysis of the source code for the possibility and the expediency of further support..

  • Technical specifications update.

  • Full restoration of the functionality of the application, in case of loss of source code.

  • Further development of the application.

  • The design updates, UI / UX improves.

  • An integration of external services.


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