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Near future. A serene walk suddenly turns into a cycle of incredible events, during which you will learn how to synthesize the materials of the future, discover the principles of energy efficiency and solve genetic problems. The secret scientific organization C60, which once consisted of the greatest minds on the planet who developed unique technologies and materials, is now in decline and desolation, and the scientists themselves are in captivity of an evil genius. Restoring the chain of intricate events, making amazing discoveries, you will be able to complete the mission of saving scientists with the power of your own intellect. Science has never been so exciting!


ALLOTROP is a unique educational computer game built on real tasks from the school curriculum in physics, chemistry and biology and the basics of nanotechnology, deeply integrated into the gameplay according to the laws of game design. The storyline of the game is a semantic outline that unites game situations, "getting" into which the player will have to solve the tasks described in the didactic structure of the game. The plot provides for the reference of users to the key technologies used in the nanoindustry. The didactic structure of the game suggests the possibility of using its individual elements in the usual educational process at school as basic or additional teaching materials. Game content is aimed at the formation of subject and meta-subject competencies of adolescents and correlates with the requirements for the level of development of competencies, enshrined in the Federal State Educational Standard. The ALLOTROP game was developed by ANO "eNano" with the support of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. It is one of the resources of the Stamford project, an online educational platform for schoolchildren and teachers, which hosts interactive courses, educational videos, webinars with the participation of leading scientists and nanoindustry experts, scientific experiments and remote network projects.