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TBT engine

Our game engine is a comprehensive tool for creating captivating and unique games. We offer flexibility, control, and a plethora of features that will help you bring your creative ideas to vibrant reality.
Our game engine is built on Unity3D and is compatible with most modern platforms

Key features

Customizing AP

One of the key features of our engine. You can choose a classic system with multiple action points or create something similar to XCOM, where each action carries its own importance and consequences.

Action system

The action system in our engine is highly flexible. You can customize the actions and skills of your fighters according to your needs. This gives you full control over the combat mechanics and helps create unique gameplay experiences.

tbt settings and genres

Our game engine supports a wide range of genres, from sci-fi to fantasy. Whether it's a science fiction universe or a world of magic and monsters, you'll be able to bring your ideas to life in any genre.

Multi-level environments

Multi-level environments with destructible elements are another important feature of our engine. You can create detailed levels with multiple floors and incorporate the ability to destroy the surrounding environment. This adds realism and strategic elements to the gameplay.

Unit variations

In our engine, you'll find a variety of units ranging from small 1x1 to large 3x3 grids, including flying units. This allows you to create diverse tactical situations and gives players the opportunity to utilize different types of units. Our engine offers both group and individual customization of AI units. You can define the behavior of a group of units as a whole or fine-tune each individual unit. This helps create more complex and intelligent battles.

item upgrade

A flexible item upgrade system is an integral part of our engine. You can create unique items, develop their functionality, and offer players various paths for upgrades. This helps create a deep progression system and gives players more opportunities for diverse strategies.

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