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Meatgrinder is a chaotic and fast-paced FPS. Use agility and guns to jump your way through insane levels on top of speeding trucks, trains and planes. No cutscenes or storylines, just pure action.

Our team of level designers has been at the forefront of creating this captivating project. We poured our passion and expertise into every aspect of its development, focusing on crafting models that serve as the backbone of the entire virtual world. Each model we created possesses unique detailing and style, complementing the chaotic atmosphere of the game and maintaining its flawless gameplay.
We gave each location its own distinctive aesthetics, immersive decorations, and captivating atmosphere. Striving for the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment, we crafted levels that evoke adrenaline without depriving you of the ability to savor the gaming experience.
We also delved into content optimization, prioritizing the creation of high content that performs efficiently across all performance levels, ensuring smooth gameplay and an engaging experience.
Meatgrinder is the embodiment of our passion, our legacy, and the result of our collaboration. We take pride in being part of this project and eagerly anticipate every player immersing themselves in the chaotic storm of emotions we've created through our efforts.